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Welcome To Stupidtown
The third-dumbest thing on the internet.
GAMA-GO is holding their official store opening party (for the public) tomorrow, March 2nd, from noon-5pm.

There will be free booze, music, and FREE super-limited edition store opening tees for the first 100 customers who make purchases of $25 or more.

These tees are super cool, and feature a big black-and-orange print of the Kaiju monster looking menacingly over 8th Street in San Francisco, with the Sutro Tower in the background.
These tees will NOT be sold online or in the store, so this is your only chance to get them.

Anna and I have to meet with our wedding caterer at like 11am or something, so we will probably be late to the party, but we will try to be there so please say hi if you stop by!

335 8th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
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You should come.

Also the bar will be open during the sale, so you can totally get your bloody mary on while pickin' out some nifty holiday gifts for your relatives who will think you paid way more than you actually did.

I'm not 100% on what's going to be there, but expect lots of tees and hoodies, baby clothes, lots of housewares and knick-knacks, and several styles of messenger bags and purses.
Oh, and of course a handful of one-offs. We had a couple designs that we decided not to run with last season so we have between 1-to-3 samples of each design.

Depending on the weather we're going to try to do some crowd control this year so that the shopping experience will go a lot smoother than in the past, without the awful wait in line.

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New squid t-shirt!
Men's sizes only.
(Sorry ladies!)

Vader Squid - $28.00
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Yeti Qee - $10.00

The Yeti may be a gentle giant with refined tastes and sophisticated humor, but he'll still guard your keys with reckless abandon.

The Yeti Qee keychain was made in partnership with Toy2R. For those of you familiar with Toy2R's Qee line of toys, the Yeti Qee has posable arms and legs, a custom Yeti head, and a removable keychain.
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Going to Comic Con this year?
Here's the GAMA-GO booth price breakdown:

Tees - $20
Comic-Con Exclusive Tee - $30
Hoodies - $40
Wallets - $10

Go-Might Messenger bag - $25
Go-Right Messenger bag - $50

5" Wood Deathbot - $40
30" Wood Deathbot - $350

Exclusive Comic Con postcards - FREE

The biggest discounts are on the bags, hoodies, and wallets, and those prices are bonkers cheap.
I'm not sure what the selection at the booth is going to be like, but DANG YO!! Such good prices!!!
And try to get there on Thursday or Friday, because the postcards are awesome (I should know, because I did them) and they're definitely going to run out.
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Say it long and say it loud with this Probama design. Based on GAMA-GO fan Douglasspic's flickr contest entry, this shirt is 100% cotton and 100% audacious.

This shirt is available in either a men's or women's cut, in black only.

$5 from each sale will be donated to the Obama for President campaign.
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Mmmmmmm, it's that new hoodie smell!

$76.00, free shipping, limited edition of 360 pieces.
Fresh off the boat from China and ready to keep your torso warm and your arms cool.
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We just got some really rad new magnet sets here in the GAMA-GO Worldwide Headquarters.

They look really cool, and we're especially happy with how strong the magnets are. Apparently something like 99% of companies use that cheap black plasticky stuff, so setting things up with our manufacturer so we could use much stronger rare-earth magnets took a while. I'm glad we did it since it makes these magnets about 100,000 times awesome-er than most other magnet sets out there.

Each set of 8 magnets costs $10, and can be found in the Bric-a-Brac section of the GAMA-GO online store.
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The new messenger bags are now online!
They aren't going to be officially announced until next week's e-mail blast, but they're all currently available for sale in the Men's Accessories and Women's Accessories sections of the website.

Each design comes in both a large "Go-Right" and a smaller "Go-Might" version. The Go-Right is about the size of a "normal" messenger bag and can easily fit most laptops (fits my 15" Powerbook & padded case just fine) and the Go-Might is a smaller sort of camera-bag size.

Each design is limited to about 100 pieces and features custom metal hardware, a heavyweight cordura exterior, and a ripstop nylon interior. I'm really happy with how the bags came out, and I'm also really happy that despite all the bells and whistles we managed to keep the pricing really reasonable.

The Go-Right bags are $88.00, and the Go-Might bags are $68.00.
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