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NAME: Jackson Dupree Pritt
D.O.B.: July 9th, 1979
HEIGHT: 5'9"

I'm a graphic designer at a hip San Francisco apparel/accessories company.
I am kind of a hermit.
adult swim, air america radio, andy warhol, anime, apples in stereo, aqua teen hunger force, art, beer, being a pervert, billy brag, bis, blonde redhead, blur, book binding, brendan benson, bright eyes, cartoons, cca, ccac, cex, cheap beer, chris ware, cibo matto, clip-on ties, coffee, comic books, comics, cowboy bebop, dead like me, deathbot, derek kirk, design, dismemberment plan, doodling, drawing, dumpster diving, eames, eating with chopsticks, enon, erasure, flcl, futurama, gama-go, go sailor, gomez, grandaddy, guster, hamm's, haruki murakami, hefner, houseplants, howard dean, indie rock, information society, inuyasha, j. otto seibold, james kochalka, jeffrey brown, joe colombo, joy division, keith haring, kids in the hall, killing bill o'reilly, kim possible, kururi, makeoutclub, mates of state, milk & cheese, mission hill, mopeds, movies, music, ninja kitty, ninjas, npr, of montreal, pabst blue ribbon, paul frank, peeps, photography, piercing, polyester, postal service, quruli, ramen, rilo kiley, rubber dinosaurs, rushmore, ryu murakami, sacramento city college, san francisco, scooters, sealab 2021, shonen knife, sloan, soul coughing, strangers with candy, super furry animals, sushi, sweaters, synth-pop, ten dollar art, tenchi muyo, the bangs, the concretes, the daily show, the faint, the family guy, the minders, the pillows, the royal tenenbaums, the simpsons, the smiths, the softies, tigerlily, tom hart, trigun, twee, video games, wes anderson, xtc, yamaha riva 180, yeti